Week 4 (Due June 21st)

Course Readings: Copyright & Universal Design for Learning

Read “Copyright Law and Technology” in Learning and Leading with Technology (April 2005) by E. Langran, R. Langran, and G. Bull

Read about Universal Design for Learning until the end of chapter 4.


*Bring Headsets or Laptops for Digital Storytelling Worksession #3.

**During our class, I will be available to help all group combine audio and images to help finish your digital story.


5 thoughts on “Week 4 (Due June 21st)

    • The best way is take a screen shot. If you are a PC, I recommend GreenShot a free program that takes over your print screen key and allows you to determine the area you want to copy. If you are a MAC, this is a built in function, Command, Shift, 4

  1. When you Save it to the Gallery (it’s public, so you won’t want it traceable to you), it’ll bring up a window that gives you a link in the event you wish to delete it from the gallery later. Save that link somewhere (I copied it into a Word document and saved that, but there are other ways). Scroll down (in the same window), and it’ll give you a link to paste into your blog. That’s what I did, anyway. I also found Wordle doesn’t save your text, so it’s best to type your text in a different/saveable document and paste it into Wordle. Comments from others are certainly welcome! Hope this helps!

  2. Thanks for the idea to do a screen shot. Much better! Re the UDL reading: UDL prides itself on providing materials for the least expense, but that has once again proved to mean their print/font size is too small. We were exposed to UDL in Lesson Planning 101 not quite two years ago, and the textbook on UDL we paid for had print that would give anyone a headache to read! I ended up throwing it in the trash. This set of readings is little better.

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